BT8910 Farm House

BT8910 Farm House BT8910 Farm House BT8910 Farm House BT8910 Farm House

Based on a real Devon farmhouse. Comprising of an old cottage with a Georgian extension giving you a porch, kitchen, living room, front room, stairs with landing, and an upstairs bathroom with 3 bedrooms. All rooms have lots of printed detail on the walls and outside there is a tree and a garden fence. There is also an enclosed rear garage workshop for the Land-Rover and quad. Make this farmers home the central part of your display.

Age suitability

0-3 14+ 3+ 8+

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Assembly Size

L:440 mm x W440mm x H250mm

Assembly Time

5 Mins



Product Code



All buildings supplied flat packed - Easy slot together design with no gluing required. Assembly time 5 minutes - All sheds feature removable roof sections for unhindered play.

Animals Included

Tractors, animals & machinery not included unless stated, but can be purchased as separates from us. Please see menu options.